Viva la Buenos Aires!…and other key life decisions


The change

After 8 years of working in an 10-foot by 10-foot office cubicle, analysing stocks and feeding the beast for a minimum 12 hours a day, I find myself in the curious position of suddenly being very time-rich (read: redundant), well-financed (read: redundancy package), and feeling foot-loose and fancy free (read: what to do with life now?!).

Having carefully considered and discarded several options including professional basketball player (too short), brain surgeon (too twitchy), astronaut (still can’t even handle rollercoasters) and stay-at-home-Dad (this looked promising for a while, until I remembered I don’t have a wife or a kid), I have decided the dilemma is best solved from the distant vantage point of sunny Buenos Aires, for which I depart in exactly 11 days time.

The blog

Several things will happen while I am in Buenos Aires: 1) I will make a fool of myself at least 3 times a day as I attempt to become conversationally fluent in Spanish and sure-footed in Tango; 2) I will post detailed blog updates so you, my dear readers (hi Mum) can enjoy my numerous lingual faux pas, and 3) I will also work to get a couple of business ideas off the ground, detailing the steps I take here, so that those who wish can follow my progress and use anything they may find helpful.

Off into the deep end we go…

I hope you all enjoy the read, feel free to post comments and otherwise stay in touch while I am abroad. Watch out for the first of a series of travel-related posts coming soon – ‘A Guide To Buenos Aires: Hacking the Spanish language in 2 months’.

For any fellow lifestyle-change seekers out there or budding entrepreneurs , I strongly recommend checking out Tim Ferriss’ ‘4 Hour Work Week’ blog, which has been a tremendous aid in helping set some goals and planning the approach from here on out. Happy reading!


About Nick Berry

Born, raised and incubated across Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong and London, after 8 years in stock broking I'm now exploring new horizons. Come join me and I'll do my best to keep you entertained!

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